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Bringing the light of love to the youth of tomorrow



PRCF India is the first of its kind organization to bring about humane education in the country.

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Bringing upcycled products to your doorstep

You can now support PRCF India by purchasing handmade and curated goods from Northeast India. Handmade with love by the women of Aarna.

The proceeds of this purchase will go to the PRCF India, a registered non-profit organization

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Success Story of Virtual Parenting

Scooby and Sharan's success story

It gives us immense joy to bring forth happy virtual parenthood for Scooby Doo as Mr. Sharan Lalwani from Dubai has agreed to be Scooby's forever parent as he gets to live his best life as a senior dog ♥️

Scooby is a favorite kid on our dashboard as well as our PRCF fam and it gives tears of joy seeing him like this. Who would've thought this is him? And now that we see his transformation, looks like he's an abandoned or lost dog. How could someone at this age and state




A Canine Distemper survivor is all set to brighten your days and life! She no longer looks like she gives a damn to anyone except now she wants more cuddles and more love!


A vivacious little one, she's survived CD like a pro! and gives everyone at PRCF true survival goals! In short, she's a princepesaaa!


Drop us an email to know more!


Welcome, Kaju who's a loved starry princess in our PRCF circle. Abandoned for being a female by people who initially took her in, she was alone and out by herself, she faced an adult territorial dog.


She was bitten, caught unaware. The little one found Ankita's home and soon realized she could chill under the sun with the other dogs, nap on their bellies, and steal their food. We sent her for a check and we're grateful to find that there were no fractures or spinal defects. Nerve weakness was present but it could also have been affected by the mental trauma Kaju went through.


Via loads of hydrotherapy, infrared light, multivitamins, and proper nutrition, she's as awake, willful, and bright as expected. She's already shown signs of being so strong and funny, she's an asset to togetherness.


Dewormed, vaccinated, and all set to brighten the walls of your home, contact us to adopt this little cutie



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